About the College

Who we are:
The College of Arts & Humanities is home to Art, Communication Studies, English, Humanities, Mass Media, Music, Interdisciplinary Studies, Philosophy, Theatre & Dance, and World Languages & Cultures.

When employers are asked to describe their ideal job candidate, recent surveys and studies show they invariably describe liberal arts graduates. Employers value graduates who are flexible and adaptable to the constant change inherent in the 21st century workplace. They value graduates who understand ethical behavior and who are able to employ creativity and critical thinking to solve problems. They value graduates who are excellent communicators.

The talented faculty of the College of Arts & Humanities provide that sort of foundational knowledge to every graduate of the University through general education courses. Importantly, the college is also home to more than 70 undergraduate and graduate degree and certificate programs. Each year, hundreds of students earn degrees from our programs and move into the workplace in a wide variety of careers.

Our Mission:
"Providing Transformative Experiences to Improve the Human Condition."

Engage • Explore • Challenge • Create • Educate

Our Core Values:
The College of Arts and Humanities nurtures excellence in creativity, imagination, and critical and analytical reasoning. These contribute to life-long learning.

Knowledge • Creativity • Communication • Critical Thinking • 
Diversity • Integrity • Collaboration

These values were accepted by the College of Arts and Humanities Strategic Planning Committee as the statement of the College’s Core Values on October 30, 2012.