Academic Advising Office

College of Arts & Humanities

The Academic Advising Office offers academic advising services to all students who are pursuing a major or minor within the College of Arts & Humanities. We recommend students meet with our office as well as their Faculty Advisor at least once each semester.

What Our Advisors Do

Our Academic Advisors strive for student success and well-being by working with students in the following ways:

  • Advising first-year and transfer students on the selection of general education and major pre-requisite requirements
  • Supporting students who have been placed on academic warning or probation.
  • Meeting with all new and transfer students at orientation and support course selection for their first semester
  • Advising students on how and when to apply for graduation
  • Directing students who have questions about department activities or events to the correct individual in that department
  • Advising students who have minors within the college but may have majors outside of the college
  • Providing information to students interested in switching to a major within the college

How to Schedule An Appointment

Not sure if you need an appointment or how we can help you?

Please contact our advising staff to better assist you with your needs.


Schedule an appointment.

If you are assigned to a faculty advisor, please contact them directly to make an advising appointment. If you are assigned to the Arts & Humanities Advising Team, use the link below to schedule an appointment. Don’t know who your advisor is? Go here for more info.


New Student Information

Thank you for your interest in the College of Arts & Humanities. Explore our pages to learn more about our programs and degrees.

Schedule an Appointment / Walk-in Hours

Schedule an appointment with our College Academic Advising Office and/or view their upcoming walk-in hours.

Find Your Advisor / Prepare for Your Meeting

Every student with a major in the College of Arts & Humanities has two academic advising resources, 1) College Academic Advising Office and 2) Faculty Advisor. Before you meet with either, you should prepare so you don't waste your time and get as much as you can out of the meeting.

Plan Your Degree Path

In order to graduate in a timely manner, students should plan their academic degree path by making sure they cover their general and major requirements.

Ready for Course Registration?

Follow these helpful steps so you are ready to register for courses when your window opens.

Update Your Academic Record (Change Your Major)

Update your student record for your Major, Minor, Certificate, Advisor or Catalog year.

Academic Warning, Probation or Suspension

When a student does not meet academic standing requirements, they are placed on Academic Warning, Academic Probation, or Suspension. Learn what happens, how to avoid it, and view resources to help.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

View a listing of the most frequently asked questions of our Academic Advisors.

Contact the Advising Office

Contact the College of Arts & Humanities Academic Advising Office.