World Languages & Cultures

Proficiency in another language opens doors to opportunities in many professional fields. Students acquire knowledge and skills in global citizenship, diversity, and critical thinking with local and worldwide relevance. The Department of World Languages & Cultures also offers study-abroad opportunities to enhance the learning experience. 

Programs & Degrees:

  • French Program:
    • French, Bachelor of Arts (BA)
    • French, Bachelor of Science (BS)
    • French, Minor
    • French Teaching, Bachelor of Science (BS)
    • French Education, Master of Science (MS)
    • French, Master of Science (MS)
  • German Program:
    • German, Bachelor of Arts (BA)
    • German, Bachelor of Science (BS)
    • German, Minor
    • German Teaching, Bachelor of Science (BS)
  • Scandinavian Studies Program:
    • Scandinavian Studies, Bachelor of Arts (BA)
    • Scandinavian Studies, Minor
  • Spanish Program:
    • Spanish, Bachelor of Arts (BA)
    • Spanish for the Professions, Bachelor of Science (BS)
    • Spanish, Minor
    • Spanish Teaching, Bachelor of Science (BS)
    • Spanish for the Professions, Master of Science (MS)
    • Spanish, Master of Science (MS)
    • Spanish for Professionals, Graduate Certificate

If you have questions about the Department of World Languages & Cultures, please contact Adriana Gordillo.