Ready for Course Registration?

Make sure you are ready to register for courses when your window is open by following these steps:

  1. Check E-services to see when your registration opens. You can find this under “Courses and Registration” and then “Registration Window”.

  2. Resolve any holds you may have on your account prior to registration opening. Depending on your situation, this may take several weeks. You can find out if you have any holds by visiting your Dashboard in E-services.

  3. Visit with your advisors. Students should meet with the College Advising Office about general education requirements as well as his/her Faculty Advisor about their major coursework every semester.

  4. Look at the class schedule prior to registration opening. You can search for a course on E-services under "Courses and Registration" or you can check the public class schedule. Map out the sections that work together by using a weekly planner.

When registering if you have any questions about how to use E-services, you can consult these step-by-step instructions or make an appointment with the College Advising Office.

If you have any other problems with registration, contact the Registration Help Desk.