We prepare students for professional success and meaningful life experience with skills and competencies of ethical and effective communication. The curriculum cultivates career-ready practices and strengths, including critical thinking and problem solving, research and presentation skills, leadership, relationship building, digital literacy, and global and intercultural awareness. Our graduates excel in a variety of professions with their abilities to lead, influence, and relate to diverse communities and audiences.

Potential Career Opportunities

A Commuication Studies degree prepares students for a variety of jobs and vocations, and provides a foundation for success in many careers. Professional work can include sales, event planning, public relations, training and development, as well as a variety of positions in non-profit organizations. The degree prepares students for graduate programs in many higher education roles as well as law degrees.

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From one-on-one conversations to addressing a large crowd in a public arena, communication is a part of our daily lives. Communication Studies prepares you for almost any career path you choose.

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