Communication Studies is the exploration of how people generate shared meaning through the use of verbal and nonverbal symbols. Students develop confidence and effectiveness in their public speaking, interpersonal, and intercultural communication abilities. The focus is on helping students to develop effective communication skills to enhance the quality of their lives across a variety of contexts, including work, family, civic, and social situations.

Potential Career Opportunities

A Commuication Studies degree prepares students for a variety of jobs and vocations, and provides a foundation for success in many careers. Professional work can include sales, event planning, public relations, training and development, as well as a variety of positions in non-profit organizations. The degree prepares students for graduate programs in many higher education roles as well as law degrees.

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From one-on-one conversations to addressing a large crowd in a public arena, communication is a part of our daily lives. Communication Studies prepares you for almost any career path you choose.

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