Health Communication, Minor

The Health Communication minor is an interdisciplinary program designed to provide undergraduate students with writing and speaking skills for use in health and medical settings. The minor prepares students to create clear, ethical, and culturally competent messages in a variety of written, visual, and oral communication formats. 

This minor would be a great fit for students preparing for health/medical careers (such as majors in Biology, Nursing, or Health Science) or for students preparing for communication careers (such as majors in English, Communication Studies, or Mass Communication).  

Required courses:
A 4-course minor that can be completed in a year!

  • ENG 271W: Technical Communication (multiple sections) 
  • CMST 370: Foundations of Health Communication (offered online Fall 2020) 
  • ENG 483: Writing About Health and Medicine (offered online Fall 2020) 
  • CMST 470: Topics in Health Communication (offered Spring 2021) 

Value of communication skills for health professionals:
Healthcare employment has grown rapidly over the past two decades and is projected to continue increasing.  Health communication plays multiple important roles in health and medical settings. For instance, the quality of health professionals’ written and oral communication skills have been linked patients’ satisfaction, improved health outcomes, and fewer medical errors. Additionally, the demand for communicators who can deliver clear, culturally relevant messages aimed at influencing health literacy and healthy behaviors is also growing.

For more information:
For more information contact Anne Kerber.

Participating Faculty:
Anne Kerber
Abigail Bakke