English Student Testimonials

Read what students have to say about our English program.

"I am very fortunate to be surrounded by such a talented community of writers within the English Department-- faculty and students alike. I am constantly motivated, inspired and humbled to be around so many individuals with the same passion as myself. I am also incredibly grateful for the additional learning opportunities offered by the Good Thunder Reading Series visiting writers. These learning experiences are memorable and invaluable."

“The TESOL program is like a small family. There is an excellent support system. All my professors are deeply committed to nurturing their students. I am also able to gain support from other professors and colleagues in other programs of the department. MN State Mankato is my first introduction to America. The experience has been nurturing.”

"There are quite a few things that make the Tech Comm Program at MN State Mankato special. First of all, the quality of education is excellent. There’s a wide variety of classes for fun, specific interests in the field. If I could, I would take more. Secondly, the professors are all brilliant and willing to engage with the students. They all have different teaching styles but I have yet to come across a class that hasn’t challenged me and pushed me to be a better version of myself. Lastly, the ability to complete the program online affords the opportunity for everyone and creates an interesting mix of motivated students and professionals."

"The English Education program is special because it encourages students to be themselves and provides them with skills that they can use in and out of their chosen careers. Although I am lucky to be a part of this program, I also think that I am fortunate to be a student at MN State Mankato. During my time here, MN State Mankato has taught me to treat a variety of cultures with respect, to push and challenge myself, and to be grateful for the opportunities and good fortune given to me during my college career."

"What I love about the English Department is how the faculty are invested in their students and making sure that they are doing well. Aside from faculty, the students have created a tight-knit community where everyone is welcome and supports one another. I'm glad that I chose MN State Mankato to do my masters and feel this program has prepared me to be a future academic."