Maria Ly, Mass Media

"Although I do not know the exact job title that I would like, I know that in my career I want to do something in mass media. Whether that involves writing, news, advertising, digital multimedia, film making, photography, etc. I want a career that fulfills my passion of being a storyteller.

Minnesota State University, Mankato has given me a vast array of learning experiences, opportunities, and a networking platform. I’ve learned a lot from the classes I’ve enrolled within the Mass Communication, and also experiences that helped me figure out my interests and paths I want to take in my future. On campus, I’ve gotten the opportunity to work with the MSU Reporter as I get ready to transition from a writer to an editor the next academic year. Through the MSU Reporter, I’ve gained experiences and opportunities that will help me in my future career goals as a journalist. They have also given me a networking platform, as I connect with many staff and faculty, students, businesses, community members, etc. for my job at the campus newspaper. I’ve also connected and learned a lot from many RSO’s like ASIA and SAGE as well as centers like the LGBT Center and Women’s Center. These organizations have made me grow as a person and helped me connect with a community that I feel loved and a part of. I feel after graduating, I will leave with many close friends, a community that I know has my back, and a breadth of experience to take with me to the real-world as I continue in my venture as a mass media professional."