Music Scholarships

Currently enrolled students are expected to audition for acceptance into a private lesson studio or a scholarship on an individual basis by prior arrangement with the Department of Music Office. Students who are interested in a music scholarship or talent grant need to complete a two-step process. 

  1. Complete an audition.
  2. Complete the scholarship application on Scholarship Finder. Please note, scholarship applications for currently enrolled students are open for the month of February every year.

Available scholarships:

  • Music Talent Grants
  • Andrew and Betty Een Music Scholarship
  • Department of Music Scholarship
  • Department of Music Scholarship - Music Industry
  • Edward and Damis Epple Scholarship
  • Herbert E. Owen Scholarship
  • Raymond H. and Florence L. Sponberg Music Scholarship
  • Shirley Grundmeier Music Scholarship
  • William A. Payne Memorial Music Scholarship