Music Student Testimonials

Read what students have to say about our Music program.

“The Music Department is great because the faculty really work to individualize the program for each student and guide us toward our own path to success. I have had many valuable opportunities to be involved with several ensembles, studio collaboration and the student-led record label, MavHouse Records. I am easily able to apply the topics from my classes into my projects and activities. You really get out what you put in! I know that this is the right program for me!”

“I came to Minnesota State University, Mankato because the music program here is so forward-thinking. It really prepares you for becoming a music educator in the present and makes you think about the future of music and education.

I am getting so much from my time here. I have one-on-one meetings with professors when I need help with decisions or planning my future. I am the tuba section leader of the Maverick 'Machine' Athletic Bands so I am also developing leadership and communication skills. Every day in my classes I can tell that I'm learning and growing to become the music educator I was meant to be.”

“I have really come to cherish my time at MN State Mankato, especially in the Music Department. I started off my college career not knowing what I wanted to do other than knowing that it had to have something to do with music. After three years, performing became a love of mine. If not for this Department and the faculty within it, I would have never discovered my love of opera or my interest in teaching voice; two of the things I’d like to utilize my degree for.

I have the music faculty to thank for my time here. I believe they are what makes this department so special. I feel so supported in my endeavors and I’m extremely grateful for the opportunities I’ve been given in this department.”

"The Music Department is very comprehensive with the variety of courses and studies MN State Mankato has to offer. The music education courses I am taking really challenge me in a way that develop my opinions and thoughts on my approach and style in the classroom. Also, performing with the MN State Mankato Jazz Combo, ‘The Snaps,’ has been a blast and really stirs my passion for performing."

"I love being a student of the College of Arts & Humanities. I have learned more about music here than I ever thought I could. I came into the Music Department as a freshman knowing almost nothing about music theory or how to properly read music and now I have written a few songs and can even analyze classical scores which is pretty incredible! The friends I have made here are absolutely amazing people and performers. I am always honored to perform with them. The faculty in the Music Department have shown me so much support and I very happy that I chose to attend MN State Mankato!”