Philosophy Student Testimonials

Read what students have to say about our Philosophy program.

"The Philosophy Department is very special because of the academic and professional experience. My professors are kind, open-minded and are always willing to help me succeed. I have learned so much from them and I'm glad I am a part of the department.”

"Every professor I have encountered in the Philosophy Dept genuinely cares that you are learning the material. I, amidst the confusion that can follow dense philosophical works, have asked many questions with obvious answers and have never been made to feel like I shouldn't have. This department is full of extremely well read teachers who truly want to help you learn; it is so motivating!” 

"My very first class at MN State Mankato was Philosophy: Law, Justice, and Society. It was immediately clear to me that I wanted to major in Philosophy...I believe that the Philosophy curriculum teaches its students critical thinking better than any other discipline. Some students may find their first Philosophy class to be difficult or an acquired taste, but it’s worth it!"