Theatre Arts Student Testimonials

Read what students have to say about our Theatre Arts program.

“The Department is so close, we really are all like family. I have made a lot of my best friends here. I have also met so many people that I hope to work with in the future. I am getting a lot out of my experience here. With the Region 5 award that I won, I was able to go to Washington, D.C. for a week and met so many amazing managers and took a tour of the Kennedy Center.”

“The Theatre & Dance Department really excels at training its students to be the best they can be. Working on shows for roughly 3-4 hours a night and usually 6-7 nights a week…is a lot but we have some of the finest talent I've ever seen, on- and off-stage. I have no doubt that any graduate of our program is capable of having a successful career in the professional world.”

"The Department of Theatre & Dance is preparing us for the real world. They have helped me discover skills I did not know I was capable of. It is very structured and they expect a lot from their students but it is also fun and supportive.”

“This department is truly something special. We learn so much from our amazing faculty but we are also lucky enough to have the chance to learn from the people around us. This department is filled with amazingly talented people and I grow just by working with them and watching them perform. This field is extremely competitive but our department pushes past the competition in order to promote a sense of support. The people I've met here are always building up their peers, setting them up for success which can be pretty rare find in this line of work.”

“What originally drew me here was the sheer number of productions they put on every year. Once I got here, I realized that it was not only the number of productions but the amazing quality that is displayed in every show. The hard work is evident from the actors, directors, and designers. This is a department where the passion for theatre is so clear. We work every day to better ourselves and push ourselves further in our craft. What’s special about this program is we get to put the skills we learn in class to use in our many productions. The support that we receive from peers, patrons, and faculty is immense and I’m so proud to be studying theatre here.”