Language Student Testimonials

Read what students have to say about our World Languages & Cultures program.

"The best part about the World Languages & Cultures Department is the opportunities they provide for the students to go out and explore the world! I studied abroad in Spain through the department and it was a wonderful experience! It has really opened my eyes to the diversity we have in the world and has been a great opportunity to practice using Spanish in my everyday life. Studying abroad is an amazing experience and I would highly recommend it to anyone else who is interested!”


"The Department of World Languages & Cultures has dedicated, intelligent professors and a well-rounded outlook that will help students regardless of their career goals. I appreciate the MS Spanish for its education class requirement and the opportunities I've had to teach Spanish at the undergraduate level.”

"I enjoy experiencing and learning about cultures and I feel the World Languages & Cultures Department strives to create an environment for learning about a language and culture. For example, there are many languages you can learn and events, clubs, and other activities to assist language and cultural learning.”

“During my time in the World Languages and Cultures Department, I've had many wonderful professors who have provided lessons that extend far beyond the reach of a classroom. It is because of their guidance, knowledge and passion that I have grown confident in my capabilities as a Spanish speaker. I think the Spanish program prepares students to seek global opportunities by educating, sharing and inspiring them to find the key that unlocks all the adventures that lie within other cultures.”

I have developed close personal relationships with every Spanish professor I have had. Each of them care about me as a whole person, not just as their student for a semester. They have encouraged, motivated, and pointed me in the right direction so that I am able to continue pursuing my goals. The time and effort that the professors have put in has been instrumental in not only my language and career development but also in my growth as a person.”