Nadine B. Andreas Endowment

Nadine and Lowell Andreas

The Nadine B. Andreas Endowment supports the College of Arts & Humanities by helping to bring guest artists and scholars to campus. Thanks to the Andreas Endowment, the College has been able to host dozens of scholars and artists who have enriched our programming beyond measure. This endowment also provides graduate assistantships throughout the college and supports the research and artistic endeavors of our faculty.

The Nadine B. Andreas Endowment was established by Lowell Andreas, son David, and daughter-in-law Debbie, in memory of their wife and mother Nadine. Nadine was born in West Liberty, IA and attended the University of Minnesota, where she performed in theater productions and developed her love for the Arts. She fostered this love through her sustained support of the Arts at Minnesota State University, Mankato.

“The most exciting thing to me is that it’s such a wonderful reflection on Lowell and Nadine, because it’s practical, but yet it’s visionary … Lowell and Nadine could have lived anywhere. But they didn’t. They chose Mankato ... So when we talked about the gift, we talked about the way the community can be enriched … This tribute is astonishing and will make huge changes to the lives of our students and faculty as these events come to fruition." - Dean Emeritus, Dr. Jane Earley